Konttaniemi Reindeer Farm,
Rovaniemi, Suomi, Lappi


19052013kamera 245

Konttaniemi Reindeer Farm is located along the naturally picturesque Ounasjoki River, only seven kilometres from Rovaniemi. Life on our farm enjoys a special atmosphere with the seasonal changes experienced on the Arctic Circle.  

Every day our lives revolve around reindeer, even if they freely roam the wilds for some parts of the year. You are welcome to come and meet these semi-domesticated reindeer.

As our guest at the Reindeer Farm we will explore reindeer husbandry, its history and modern day.  In the winter you can even pass a test to receive your own Reindeer Driver’s Licence.  When paying us a visit you will also be crossing the Arctic Circle and you can take part in the Arctic Circle Crossing Ceremony.  Delicious meals are also savoured in the atmosphere-rich lodge.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Please book your visit in advance.